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Amazing Things to Do in Taipa Macau

Cheap Macau flights couldn’t be easier these days, the internet has some great websites that enable you to find good deals on long haul flights across the globe. All of these attractions offer a fascinating look at the various faces of Macau. Here are some of the amazing things to do in Taipa, Macau that you shouldn’t miss.

The Shrine of the Four-faced Buddha is a majestic sight that is nestled at the north-eastern part of the Jockey Club. It is decorated with a traditional Thai bouquet. Every side of the four-faced Buddha represents a particular Earth element. He holds different symbolic items in his hand such as the Vedas, sacrificial spoon, and pearls which also stands for various spiritual natures. You will also notice the Kamandalu which is known as a water pot to signify that the universe is an evolution of the water. This shrine is frequented by the gamblers who are seeking for the blessing.

Taipa Museum

Though the Taipa museum cannot be compared with the grandiose architectural design of the Macau Museum, it still holds a significant part of the history of Coloane and Taipa. This is located in the former Municipal Hall that plays a major role in the advancement of the island. The first floor houses the ancient relics that have been exhumed and the second floor is dedicated for the architectural models, religious object and handicrafts. It has a Portuguese-architectural style that will definitely be a worth place to visit if you love archaeology.

Pou Tai

The Pou Tai Temple is considered as the biggest temple complex that is located in the island. This place is regularly visited by the small portion of Macanese Buddhist. It is an ancient building that is surrounded by orchid and contains three statue of Buddha inside. There are around three palaces located inside the complex. The Pak Tai is considered as the main palace, the two remaining palace is known as Kwan Tai and Hua Guang.

Houses Museum

The house museums in Taipa are the three lime-green villas that are constructed by the rich Macau resident. The museum is located at Avenida de Praia wherein two of the 3 houses are used for reception and exhibition. This museum is very unique due to its isolated location and tourist often visited this place to relax and enjoy the view of the surrounding.

Finally, you should also not forget to visit the Taipa Village. It is a small community with narrow streets, yet the surrounding is very picturesque and peaceful. The Portuguese occupation is evident in this small town that perfectly blends with the conventional street lamps.


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