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5 Important Tips for First Time Flyer

Flying for the first time in a flight can be both exciting and daunting task. A lot of questions and confusion pops up in your mind while thinking about your first flight journey. If you have never flown and have little travel experience, then this article is going to guide you to have a smooth, fear-free travel experience and I can assure you, this article will boost your confidence level to an extent.

Prepare your paperwork

First time flyers take more precautions in this regard. They read the rules and regulations and the requirement process so thoroughly, so that they don’t have to face any unwanted situation at the airport. If you are taking a Cheap Domestic Flights in India, your boarding pass and id proof is enough to pass through the security check. Nowadays, travelers book their tickets through online booking portal for flight, and receive the pdf copy of the ticket and boarding pass via email. Though it is not necessary to get printout of it, but if you want to be more confident, you can take it out.

In case of an international trip, a passport with maximum 6months of validity and visa of the country you are going to visit along with your id card, flight ticket and boarding pass is mandatory.

Luggage rules

After getting entry into the airport, you have to go through luggage security check counter. Each airline has their own security counter and thus you have to look for your specific counter.

You can see the maximum luggage weight allowed by the airline is specifically mentioned on the ticket. Exceeding of the weight may cost you more money. You can have a hand bag which you can carry with you in flight. You will be charged extra for storing baggage in the hold. After your arrival, before de-boarding the plane, the crew member will announce the belt number where you will get your luggage.

While on flight

If you successfully make your entry to the plane, the first thing comes to your mind is- what will happen to you when the flight takes off! Well, don’t panic, as the flight crew members are very co-operative and will help you come out from your shell. Once you get to your seat, ensure all your cabin luggage is stowed away correctly. Before taking off the flight, the crew members or popularly known as airhostesses will show you how to buckle up your seat belt and later what to do in an emergency. Don’t panic as I have mentioned the alarming word ‘emergency’. These are the routine task to spread awareness among flight passengers.

When the engine starts, the plan slowly runs on the runway and after about 25-3- seconds, you can see you are going far away from the ground. After the plane reaches a particular height, you will find it fascinating to look at your town from sky. Enjoy your first experience.

Food, beverages and entertainment

Most airlines provide complimentary food to their passengers, but in case if you haven’t signed up with one such airline, you will have to pay for your food. Be comfortable and eat as this is what you can do when 33000 feet above the ground. Be hydrated with water, juice, tea, coffee or may be a glass of wine.

Finally arrived!

After your flight lands at the airport, don’t rush. Be responsible and make room for other passengers to have a smooth de-boarding. Before landing, the crew will inform you about the belt number where you can avail your luggage. After de-boarding the flight, go directly to your belt to claim your luggage. Book a car and explore the new place you through the car window.

Bon voyage!

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