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4 Basic Pedicure Steps That Make Your Foot Healthy and Glow

A pedicure is essentially a relaxing and soothing experience for rejuvenating aching or fatigued feet and enhancing its overall appearance, including that of the toenails as well. The term pedicure originated from combining the two words pedis and cura that means foot and care respectively in Latin.

  • Use pumice and warm soap-water

It is really imperative for you to invest ample time and energy on a foot care routine and on a daily basis. The human feet contain over two hundred and fifty thousands of sweat glands that typically excrete about one cup of moisture every day. Carefully wash away any sweat or dirt buildup with warm soap-water and employ a nail brush for cleaning under the toenails. Make sure to dry your feet properly as the fungi and bacteria that cause general foot infections, multiply in warm, moist environments. Make good use of pumice stone for removing the hardened, dry skin before applying a quality moisturizer.

  • Buy a foot moisturizer exclusively

Do make a point to purchase those moisturizers only which are particularly designed for applying on feet in place of a body or face cream. Niche foot care products, such as the foot creams, come with substantially high concentrations of emollients, and thus, can penetrate the characteristically tough skin on your heels and soles considerably better.

  • Regularly trim your nails

Spot examine your toenails periodically to diagnose whether or not they require trimming. Use nail clippers for cutting your nails straight across before smoothing the edges by a nail file or an emery board.

  • Shop for an electric footbath

An electric footbath would really be an excellent investment and a great way for pampering your feet. You could use these jetted baths to soak your feet before exfoliating or to provide the fatigued, aching feet a refreshing water massage at the very end of a frustratingly long, hectic day. Add a little amount of Epsom salt or a dash of your most favorite aromatic oil (mine is lemongrass!) to the bubbling, warm water for a genuinely relaxing experience, which improves feet circulation, soothes pains and aches, and leaves the feet feeling refreshed and soft.


Remember to treat yourself with a comprehensive pedicure procedure every week. There are many professional feet care salons in Ottawa and other major cities around the globe. And if you are in a mood to try something really different, make sure to check out the outlets that have fish feet massage facilities. More on fish feet spa will be covered on another blog and on another day. Till then, stay tuned!


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