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Top 3 Stylish and Affordable Fashion Statement to Rock Your Next Party

Bidding goodbye to the holiday season we have officially set foot on a brand new year. Yes, 2019 has begun amidst the festivities of Christmas and New Year. For many the season of merriment is over but when has that stopped anyone from partying a bit more. It is totally understandable that you have already shown off the best of your wardrobe. Therefore, here we are with some fresh ideas in stylish and affordable fashion for you to rock the next get together with friends.


Figuring out that perfect style can be min-wrecking for women who want to up their style quotient with each appearance. Repetition of the same dress is big no and we often run out of fashion ideas right. But don’t worry, this blog provides you with some fresh trends to try.


Shimmers are quite in vogue these days. You don’t have to go all out on a shimmery dress. Just a touch of shine is enough to turn a few heads. You can try a dress with vertical glittery strips. Combination of black and silver are quite trendy. A nice knee-length shift dress with a hint of shimmer is also quite chic. You can also try out skirts and pants in that sort but make sure that the tops that you wear are muted for it to be a perfect contrast. Too much shimmer becomes gaudy and unpleasant.


Velvet is a great choice in fabric in the cold months. It keeps you snug and cozy, not to mention the flare that comes with the look. You can try the dark hues of velvet to bring out the sophistication. But if you are aiming for the elegant yet trendy look then we will suggest you try the crushed velvet dresses. It is really trendy and is the best way to make a bold statement at any party.

stylish and affordable fashion


Sheath dresses are a favorite among women. It comes in various styles and price ranges making it stylish and affordable fashion option. The dress compliments women of all ages and works well to show off the curves. Try out a knee length one with maybe sheer sleeves since it is cold outside and you are set to have a fashionable night out for sure.

If you are in search of fabulous apparel clothing in Kelowna, then the above mentioned are some of the best fashion options to try. Plan it out with the perfect shoes and accessories and you are ready to rock the party. 

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