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How to Find Success in Online Marketing with 5 Powerful Ways

Small companies or startups never spend millions on their first marketing campaign. They don’t become successful overnight either. Few companies are lucky, some invest a huge amount of money to nudge their business forward. As a small business, you can’t mimic every tactic that giants like Red Bull or Nike follow. SABA SEO San Diego Share few strategies you can learn from big companies to help your small business reach new heights.

1. Use User-Generated Content

Blue Apron is one of the biggest startup companies. Started in 2012 by selling ready-to-cook food. You can buy their meal kits online and receive it at your doorstep. The kits include the food items with a recipe in it so you can cook without any hassle. Customers need to follow the instructions only to prepare their meals. They were delivering up to 5 million meals on a monthly basis. This is a remarkable growth for such a young company. The owner reflects on the user generated content for marketing their business. Studies show that user-generated content is far more influential than brand pictures.

2. Sell without Selling on Social Media

JetBlue has used social media marketing to make booking flights entertaining for customers. They have created an exciting atmosphere to grab more customers. Take a look at their website to experience their creativity. Their motto is “You above all” which puts the customers up front. They are crafting their brand to attract frequent travelers. People are looking for an adventurous and memorable journey when they book a flight. JetBlue is taking their customers beyond cliche photos of beaches and landscapes. They are using local reviews from natives to persuade customers for traveling. This is an excellent marketing strategy of putting their customers first.

3. Keep Your Brand Consistent

Coca-Cola has its products in every country of the world right now. Launched a hundred years ago, they are still the giants when it comes to beverages. The owners spent up to $3 billion only on advertising in 2010. The numbers are huge. The best thing to learn from this company is consistency. They have almost the same marketing slogans which they used in the 1940s. When they try to change the trend the fans become angry. People started filing petitions to bring back the classic taste of Coca-Cola beverages. You don’t need to spend billions to remain consistent with your marketing strategies.

4. Plan Content Marketing

Whole Foods is a creative genius in content marketing. They spark interest in their customers by offering valuable content. Content marketing increases conversions and costs less than paid advertisements or campaigns. Your company can generate more revenues after using content marketing. But, it can go both ways. Content marketing can skyrocket your sales or makes you look invisible in the market. Whole foods have added nutrition tips and recipes for everyone. They have persuaded people to buy their products and come back again for more. Reach out to your customers in a way that touches their hearts. That is what content marketing is all about.

5. Go Viral without Paying for Ads

Business owners confirm that video marketing has the best ROI. The visuals have a deep and meaningful effect on our brains. You can learn a magnificent lesson from Chipotle. They have transformed the market with a wide variety of options. When they saw that people are loving the experience, they decided to take a step further. Their short film named ‘Scarecrow’ went viral online and work on its own to captivate a large audience. They used content marketing on YouTube to spread brand awareness and develop a cause they can support or believe in. It shows that a single viral video weighs more than spending a lot on marketing campaigns. Create something which your customer can believe in or talk about.

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