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12 Deadliest Mistakes Done By Every Amateur Designer!

12 Deadliest Mistakes Done By Every Amateur Designer!

You wanna bees’ revolve in the same radius. No matter how many times you claim to be a pro designer, we won’t agree.

Why should we?

After all, the stupid mistakes you make are not forgivable. It is called that “visual” is the king of future communication. Please don’t ruin the veranda with those ugly mistakes. The not-so-cool mistakes make you look all dumb.

The amateur designer starts breaking the design rules without even knowing them. They kill the bones of logo design rules. The funny part is that they call it their creativity. Before stepping into the world of design, make sure that you possess design literacy, else it is just a waste of your time.

If you don’t agree with us that you are a wannabee designer, then you can have a look at the list we have made. Below, you will find a list of mistakes done by amateur designers.

1. Burning the visuals with text

Too wordy, for people to handle!

Do you want your audience never to visit you again? If yes, then commit the crime of filling your visuals with lots and lots of text. Text and visuals make a good compilation, but it doesn’t account for filling visuals with text in an unpleasant way.

We can quote an example of infographics. You insert the text into it to convey information, but making it text rich shouldn’t be your practice.

Moreover, there is no need to fill the presentation design with fussy text. Keep it simple and let the design breathe.

2. Readability of your content

Stop! Stop, right here.

Readability of the content matters a lot. It is of much significance after all, what is the purpose of inserting a message that is too small? Well, your readers don’t carry binoculars with them. Take care of the readability else the message will lose its real charm.

Do everything in moderation, going too high or too low have its side effects. When the text would be coming out of the picture it won’t look good. Neither will it look good when it is hard for people to read.

3. Using too many fonts

Are you attending any fancy dress competition?

You think that your design looks pretty cool when you use two or more fonts. We are sorry, but to be honest, it makes you look like a dumb designer who doesn’t know anything.

Too many fonts give an unprofessional look to your design. It shows that the designer lacks certainty and only cares about filling the plate.

4. Worst kerning

Amateur designers don’t put this thing into the count. They don’t care for the minor details that make big impact. The space amid letters should be enough that a normal person read the text easily.

A good kerning can make your design look above all, on the other hand, a bad kerning can result in making your design look worst.

5. Making it way too vibrant

There is no color festival going on here. You have to be careful with the colors you choose. Right colors enhance your design while inappropriate colors suck the life out of your design. Don’t you think that converting a design into a rainbow is not the appropriate thing to do?

Many times a good design falls due to the wrong colors. Make your design looks appealing, learn the color theory, take help of the emotional color wheel and choose the right colors.

6. Suffocating design

We bet that you haven’t ever heard of the term suffocating design. Well, you will never hear this term because nobody will insult you the way we are going to do. Why do you kill your design by placing too many elements? Do you think that it is fun to use unnecessary elements in your design?

Empty spaces in design enhance its beauty and the viewer’s focus on the main message.

7. Wrong placement of elements

There is a design known as “the worst design,” and then there is a design known as “useless design.” To some extent, you can bear the worst design, but it is annoying to bear the uselessness of a useless design.

Elements’ placement is of much significance. Here your aesthetic sense helps you. Make a fine choice between where to place what. Don’t forget to ask yourself a question “why am I putting it here.” The answer to this question should be something more than the vague one “because it looks beautiful here.”

8. Not taking care of the contrast

It is one of the major problems found in the work of amateurs. When you don’t take care of the minor things like shadows, highlights, and contrast, your design takes the worst shape. Learn to differentiate between shadows and highlights. Give an interesting contrast to your design so that it looks appealing.

9. Not scaling the design properly

Amateurs kill the whole essence of design by stretching it. Never commit a sin of stretching your design. Don’t ever stretch the images. You can always press the shift key while resizing the elements. When you are in a rush, you often resize it without pressing the shift key that makes your design looks pretty miserable.

Not taking care of the hierarchy of communication, It is one of the major aspects of the visual communication. Take care of the visual hierarchy. The hierarchy defines it for your user which element is of importance in comparison to the rest.

10. Not choosing the right font

Pairing up the font with your design is that main task. You can’t overlook the details like the purpose of making the design, who the target audience is. People who fall into the age bracket of 35-40 years don’t want to see childish fonts. The seriousness of the message decides the font you should choose.

Amateurs need to learn this skill else they will regret throughout their lives.

11. Little to no space amid lines and words

Please do not do this your amateurs. Did you get what we wrote? If you didn’t understand, how can you expect your audience to understand it? Spacing makes a design looks best or the worst. If you are going to give too much space, it will annoy people. Similarly, giving too less space will make your text look congested.

When there would be no space for less space amid lines, the text will look crowded. Use your common sense while making a design.

12.Using pixelated images

Who asked you to use those ugly raster images? When you use a raster image, it gets blurry and pixelates when one tries to enlarge it. Instead of using raster images concentrate on using the raster images.

The bottom line

Amateurs can trick many, but can’t trick pros. Well, they should worry about it now as people are getting smarter with each passing day. Time is not far when people will start questioning your work and ask for the reasons why have you made this design and what were your thoughts behind it.

It is not really too late. You can forget all of your old practices and can welcome a new light. You can be a pro designer, but you need to learn and implement what you have learned.

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