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Interesting facts about depression when you become pregnant

As per medical experts nearly 25 % of women are prone to pregnancy depression at some point. There is a surge of hormones at this point of time. At one moment you may feel to laugh and at the other you may feel like crying. All this you can attribute to the stressed out reproductive system that is busy adapting to the demands of a new born baby.

If you are feeling blue all the time, then the chances of depression are on the higher side. You can say that depression during pregnancy is a real thing, but with little planning and effort you can tackle it. Depression medicine while pregnant can help you, but you need to be aware on how to tackle and live with it.

Depression or the name anti depression is a mental disorder which has an impact on the way you think and feel. You do feel lonely and hopeless that the world is at the wrong side of you. All these feelings could be from mild to large and does interfere with your day to day activities. Some women may feel better within a single year of treatment; whereas others feel better once the delivery is over. In case if you are feeling low and moody all the time, it is high time you get in touch with your doctor. The moment you become pregnant the emotional and physical health ceases to be a lot important as well.

Will depression have an impact on the mother along with the baby?

If you are depressed during the course of pregnancy it can lead to a miscarriage, low weight birth babies being born and coupled with the fact that premature babies can happen too. If you leave depression as it is, it could lead to postpartum depression which could last for several months and years. All of them have an impact on the baby along with the mother as well. In case if you are exposed to maternal depression, then it would mean long term impact in kids and you can say that this would depend on the age. As a kid you could suffer from separation anxiety from a very early age in life. You may face difficulty in interacting with your mother and this takes a toll on your development virtues in life.

The symptoms

You have to take view of the fact that the symptoms of depression are not clear cut. They can be subtle in stature. Most of the people consider clinical depression with mood swings and they feel that this can erode over a period of time. Depression could lead to normal changes like fatigue and all of this could arise due to pregnancy as well. In case if you are suffering from any symptoms for more than a couple of weeks then it is time to consult a doctor.

The key to being depressed is to understand the fact and then seek emotional support at the earliest.

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