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delicious Indian dishes in Baltimore

The Incredible Health Benefits of Indian Dishes

The sub-continental cuisine is famous for the richness of spices, an abundance of pulses, and a seemingly infinite variety of rice, along with its myriad of enticing colors and engaging flavors. Being typically low in fat content, high in fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, and lean meat; the delicious Indian dishes offer a wide range of health benefits, and perhaps; this satisfactorily answers the question why there are phenomenally popular in Baltimore and other major cities around the globe.

The most common attributes of a standard Indian diet are listed below.

  • High in a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables like mango, eggplant, and spinach
  • High in various herbs and spices, such as coriander and ginger
  • Low in unhealthy or saturated fat
  • Largely vegetarian
  • High in fiber


  • Chickpeas, which are generally used in making vegetable curries happens to be an excellent source of folate, zinc, fiber, and protein
  • Tomatoes and spinach, which are known as super-foods and are widely used in the preparation of Indian dishes, contain high concentrations of essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants
  • Many Indian accomplishments and sauces are vegetable-based, such as gobhi aloo or saag aloo, which makes them a perfectly healthy choice as they do not use cheese or coconut milk
  • Raita; which is made from mint, cucumber, and unflavored yogurt; is not only an ideal, low-fat alternative to sauces like mayonnaise as well as a great source of calcium; it is also used often to make curry sauces in place of coconut milk or cream
  • Garlic, which has a very special place in Indian cooking, is good for the well-being of the human heart, and so are the chilies, which are good for metabolism and the immune system
  • Indian dishes tend to use oil procured from peanuts, sesame, or vegetables instead of butter to remain low in unhealthy, saturated fat
  • As the Indian dishes leave such a powerful impact on the palate even a small serving can appease an individual, which, in turn, helps one to have fewer calories


  • Make a point to opt for healthier options, for instance, vegetable dishes, tomato-based curries, chicken, and fish
  • Selecting tandoori preparations of chicken or fish effectively restricts the intake of calories and consumption of fat as they have an insignificant amount of sauce and are baked instead of fried

Choosing Indian dishes that make good use of fruits, such as pineapple, berries, pomegranates, grapes, cantaloupe, figs, guavas, oranges, or mangoes helps one to boost the digestive system and assists to increase the intake of essential minerals and vitamins from natural dietary sources

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