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How Do You Fix Common Computer Problems

How Do You Fix Common Computer Problems?

Computers and laptops? You will often find these devices in Indian homes. Not only can you surf the Internet, but you can also pay bills, buy clothes or other items, and much more. Sometimes, however, problems may occur on the same computer. And in this particular situation, if the device is not guaranteed, you will hardly look for solutions. 

We discuss common computer problems that you can solve without professional help. The reason this device can be used to do daily most stressful jobs.

Computer Problems not every problem on the computer is related to the software. There may also be hardware problems. If you have basic troubleshooting skills, you can share a good time with each other. And there are problems like viruses, Trojans, and more that need the support of a computer repair professional. Do not worry, we would like to inform you about these two quarters.

1. Computer never starts

If you have a problem with the office computer, there is no need to worry. The reason, the technical team from the office will fix the problem. However, if it is a PC or a laptop, there can be many problems. If the period has been extended beyond the warranty period, there is a problem. If the problems are simple, you can solve them with the DIY method. We focus on general computer problems – basics.

2. The computer does not start

Has your computer suddenly gone blank? Then just check if the fees still apply. Some computers will beep when the charge drops below 30%. If you still do not pay attention to computer noise, the computer will go blank.

Sometimes the computer without problems has trouble getting into active mode. In this situation, you must check that the sockets are correctly inserted. If the device does not work, you need to check in the other power supply. If your computer is working in perfect condition, the problem is with the power outlet. You may need to call an electrician to fix the problem.

3. The computer screen goes blank

For starters, the problem may be with the cable connecting the computer to the screen. Remove the wires, check for dust, and plug them into the outlet. It will work properly. However, if it is a laptop, the problem occurs when some internal cables have been destroyed.

4. The operating system is not working properly

There is a possibility that the operating system is having a problem and the computer is responding differently. The best way to fix this problem is to turn off the computer. Then restart. Do not forget to opt for the virus scan. And please do not forget to have known antivirus software.

5. The screen is frozen

Is the computer screen frozen? The only possibility is a reboot. And if you run the method, all unsaved work is lost. There can be many reasons, including spyware, corrupt files, or insufficient memory. You must use the power button to correct this problem. Hold down the key until the computer shuts down. Activate the system now. Delete all unwanted files and then use the antivirus option. The screen does not freeze again.

6. Computer is slow

If it turns out that the computer is slow, it is best to clean the hard disk and the unwanted files. There is also the possibility that spyware is installed on your computer. It runs uninterrupted and is therefore, the reason for the slow processing of documents and other work.

First, determine if you have personal information stored in the system. Are you worried that the next step in the case of theft will have catastrophic consequences? Then the best way to shut down the computer. If the device is not guaranteed. You must bring it to the computer repair shop. However, the timeframe may not be appropriate.

There are times when the expert instructs to leave the computer in his shop and come the next day. In this situation, the problem should be solved early. You’ll also need an antivirus and proper firewall to prevent the future influx of viruses. In your situation, it would be better to send a computer expert to your desired location to have the device repaired. The possibility to do this is offered by companies offering repairs on site.

7. Interrupted Internet connections

A bad internet connection can be a point of depression. Especially if you work from home. The reason may be a telephone line or a bad cable connection. Also, do not forget to check the router.

8. Inconsistent processing

It may happen that an updated version of the software does not work on the computer. This means that the old version was compatible in one environment and not the same at the same time. There is some software that can be processed in an MS-DOS environment but never run in a Microsoft Windows setting.


Have you gone through the common computer problems that you can easily solve with the DIY method? Yes, we have treated only a few. There are others that exist. We will try to treat it in the next article.

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