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LED Stadium Lights at competitive price just for you

Can you imagine watching a match at the stadium without any light? How would you see your favourite players smashing their shots across the ground? Thus, light is a paramount accessory of the stadium. The players as well as the spectators both need light to visualise the surroundings and to continue the game without interruptions. Light not only illuminates the stadium, but also invigorate the games. Therefore many companies specialise in the making of superlative stadium floodlights that provides maximum brightness and comfortable visuals.

Many companies have carved a niche in this illuminating industry and are offering their products for almost donkey’s years now. Their high-end products span across 400W Light Fixture for Basketball Court, Cricket field and Football pitch, and 1000 Watt Led Light for Indoor and Outdoor Stadium. These lighting solutions are available in tow with spill control which is a sine quo non requirement for both indoor and outdoor sports. The products have the low glare ratios to matched up with light beams, forming a striking feature of their lighting products.

These LED lighting solutions also rope in high speed and HD camera up to 50-60 Hz and 5000 fps to take care of the lighting requirements of photographers and cameraman. The solutions are potent to cater to the requirements of Football Stadium Lights, Soccer Field Lights and the Olympic Games.

 Affordable Lighting Solutions

The lighting solutions are budget-friendly and offered at competitive price. You can explore the prices of Residential Basketball Court, Football pitch or Cricket field lighting fixtures, and see for yourself. When pitted against others in the market, this affordable brilliance will give some respite to you. The prices do not pose questions on the quality and endurance of the products.

Efficient Lighting Solutions of Ledstadium

You will get high power LED lights tailored according to the different courts viz. Baseball lights, Soccer Field, Golf Course, and other sports fields, which have surpassed their contemporaries in the aspects of warranty and merits.  One such company is Ledstadium which develops LED lights which consume 70% less energy as compared to the traditional metal-halide lights. production.

Given the backdrop of scaling popularity and indispensability of LED lights in future, the comapanies have made numerous LED lighting products and attach great significance to them. Heat dissipation is a major concern, so lighting companies have galvanised their efforts to develop a heat dissipation system incorporating dense aluminium fins arrangement. This has taken down on shortening life span and low brightness of LED lights because of excessive heat dissipation. Ledstadium’s products have maintained an acceptable junction temperature of LED chips.

The high efficiency and optics accuracy are suitable for Basketball Court lighting as well. LED floodlight is available as 10W, 15W, 40W and 50W chips. The use of efficient chips have made it easy to accomplish same lumen output even with lesser number of chips. The highly efficient and accurate optics have catered to the lighting requirements of basket ball courts as well.


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